Rev. Mark Ballosingh is the son of Rev. and Mrs Winston Ballosingh. He is the first of six children and the only boy. A past student of Grant Memorial Presbyterian School and Naparima College, Rev. Mark is the husband of Rev. Sharran Ballosingh and a very proud father of two boys and one girl. Born in the year 1961, September 30th, this gifted servant of the Lord has excelled in ministry by taking up the challenges that so many at the prime of their youth shun. A chemical consultant by secular trade with a major oilfield service company in Trinidad and Tobago, Rev. Mark has been through a number of local and foreign-based training courses as he services the oilfields from across the country. Striving to help the oilfield sector so too is his unswerving commitment to bring Christ to the nation. With (24) years of ministry experience, pioneering, teaching, administering and demonstrating the delivering power of God, he is truly a dedicated and fearless revivalist who seeks to win Trinidad and Tobago for Jesus and bring the body of Christ into the place of destiny that God has ordained for them. Marabella, Talparo, Penal, Avocat, Rousillac, Princes Town are just some of the few areas he has helped to pioneer Central Missions Foundation Churches. At present Rev. Mark pastors at the City Sanctuary in San Fernando where his wife is the Senior Pastor of the Southern Revival Centre in La-Brea. Born out of this present ministry Rev. Mark now hosts the Outpouring, a thirty minutes radio program on Inspirational Radio 730 AM. Impacting the nation and across the seas this humble servant of God prays for the day that his nation will totally surrender to God. Filled with a most powerful testimony and a passion for souls Rev. Mark Ballosingh is truly “a firebrand plucked from the fire.”


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