Rev. Selma Ballosingh is the wife of the late Rev. Winston Ballosingh both of whom have spent over 40 years in full gospel ministry in Trinidad and Tobago. They are the proud parents of (6) children and grandparents of (8) wonderful babies. Rev. Selma Ballosingh is the Founder / Secretary of Central Missions Foundation and the Senior Pastor of Central Missions Foundation-El Shaddai Temple at Chase Village in Chaguanas for the past 29 years. This highly energetic female pastor has been a pioneer in full gospel ministry and a course of encouragement to numerous women in our island. Preaching, teaching and evangelizing, spending time in broken homes and praying and counselling many marriages to restoration, community work and national input are just some of the tireless efforts that she finds herself involved in. Rev. Selma or “Mom” as all fondly knows her, brings to the forefront, her wealth of wisdom, experience and spiritual gifting be being able to help others understand the impact of negative spiritually upon their physical environment. In the course of her ministry she has been able to not only preach the doctrine but also to demonstrate its power.


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